Careers at DfR Solutions

Join our Technical Staff

DfR Solutions is seeking a customer-focused engineer or scientist to join our Technical Staff in the Washington, DC, area (Beltsville, MD). Founded in 2005, DfR Solutions specializes in applying the science of reliability physics to accelerate time to market for clients in almost every electronics marketplace (e.g., consumer, industrial, transportation, medical, aerospace, military, telecom, oil exploration). Hundreds of customers a year depend on DfR Solutions to deliver knowledge and science-based solutions to their most difficult product challenges. Our customers are among the most innovative and influential companies in their industries; including SpaceX, Apple, Tesla, Google, Nike, Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, Chrysler, Boeing, Hewlett Packard, Bose, Bombardier, NASA, Panasonic, Verizon, Intel and General Electric, to name a few.

We are looking for applicants that thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced work environment that provides strong engagement and support from your fellow employees in combination with opportunities for creative problem solving, direct interaction with the customer, travel to technical conferences, and the opportunity to publish in industry journals. The range of projects and technologies you will work on is stunning in its breadth and relevance to the latest technology challenges. You may find yourself working with a team of technical experts on a forensic analysis for a state of the art light emitting diode, advising federal agencies on failure behavior of autonomous vehicles, recommending design changes to wearable electronics, or performing testing on the next generation memory device.

The ideal candidate must be delightfully curious, enjoy working in technical teams, and be confident enough to work alone. The applicant will be expected to work in a laboratory and with test equipment on a regular basis. Strong written and verbal technical communication skills are a must as this position will require frequent verbal and written communication with customers, professional societies, universities, and vendors.

Because of the broad range of potential projects, this position is flexible in regards to degree, experience, and expertise. Qualified candidates must have a Bachelor’s Degree in an engineering (EE, MechE, MatSci, ChemE) or physical science (Physics, Chemistry) field; applicants with Masters and Doctorate degrees are also encouraged to apply. Resumes that demonstrate direct experience with some aspect of electronics design and/or manufacturing will receive preference. Also desirable are experience with a broad range of materials (ceramics, metals, polymers, semiconductors), good understanding of material fundamentals (crystallography, diffusion, creep, fatigue, oxidation, etc.), awareness of, or training in, statistics and statistical analysis tools, and training or experience with project management.

DfR Solutions is located less than 0.5 mile from mass transit (MARC train) and is easily accessible for applicants living or planning to move to the Washington, DC, area. DfR Solutions offers a generous compensation package including a competitive salary and benefits: vacation, unlimited sick leave, most major holidays, 401(k), tuition reimbursement, health, vision, and dental insurance, and short and long term disability insurance. For more information regarding DfR Solutions, visit www.dfrsolutions.com.

For consideration, please submit a cover letter and resume/CV to employment@dfrsolutions.com.