Electronics Design Reliability References

At DfR Solutions we are proud of our relationship with our clients. In fact, the majority of our business comes from repeat business and referrals from existing customers. Here’s what a few of them have to say about DfR. If you would like information for a reference, please contact us.


 “The first place I go is DfR Solutions”

“When I need robust third-party review of my most critical hardware designs, the first place I go is DfR Solutions”

Prakash Panjwan, CEO, WatchGuard Technologies


“Sherlock is one of the most powerful tools for Designing-in reliability.”

“In an accelerated product development timeline, simulating reliability without physical parts can greatly improve the original design and prevent errors from being undetected until late in the validation stage. Sherlock is one of the most powerful tools for Designing-in reliability.”

— Georgios Sarakaki, Manager – Reliability Engineering, Tesla Motors


“…Prediction borne out in our test results…”

“Micron Technology solicited an FEA-based report from DfR Solutions earlier this year analyzing warpage in an SSD design.  Gil’s (Dr. Gil Sharon) report was well organized and thorough and made it easy for us to comprehend the results. Additionally, Gil spent nearly an hour on the phone with me after I had read the report, making sure I understood all points of the analysis and the theories behind them. A couple of months later, Gil’s prediction was borne out in our test results – the process change he suggested made a dramatic improvement in our temp-cycle reliability. Gil’s analysis and report have been instrumental in helping us resolve the stubborn temp-cycle problems we have encountered on this drive.

Gil is very easy to work with and explains concepts and ideas freely without presumption. He also gladly gave further advice in a follow-up call months after the fact. It has been a pleasure to work with him. His enthusiasm and knowledge are much appreciated.

I plan to petition the SSD management at Micron to hire DfR Solutions to advise us on other matters in the near future.”

— Conner Earl, Hardware Systems Design Engineer, Mechanical, Micron Technology, Inc.


“…Significant success.”

“I’ve been very pleased with the DfR Solutions team. The reports provided the insight needed to allow several meaningful and useful preventative actions. From my standpoint, that is a significant success.”

— Shawn Curtis, Operations Program Manager, Mobile Computing Solutions Division, Trimble


“Absolutely outstanding job…”

Cheryl did an absolutely outstanding job on the delivery. Her breadth of the topic as well depth of knowledge in all areas allowed her to address all concerns that were brought up and change directions on the fly as we gave input into the areas of more interest to us. From the comments that I have heard so far, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and came away lots of useful information, especially how vulnerable we all are.

— Dr. Keith Rogers, Government Employee


“DfM workshop…extremely beneficial”

Thanks again for the great DfM workshop. I believe it was extremely beneficial. Many of the attendees have already stopped by to let me know how much they enjoyed it.

— Ken Sheriff, Reliability Engineer, Vectron International


“Technical information…helped us immensely”

Thanks to all the technical information from Robert and Eli, it has helped us immensely in getting through this really tough issue. Please do pass on our gratitude for all the help they offered us with the analysis and the answers they provided to our questions.

— Arun Nagarajan, Engineer, Hitachi Metals


“DfR has been a valuable resource…”

DfR has been a valuable resource not only for failure analysis, but also for mechanical analysis and part qualification testing. When I share the DfR reports with my managers and peers they also appreciate the expertise, timeliness and professionalism of the reports. I have had multiple co-workers from multiple groups within the company approach me about contacting DfR for help. I look forward to continuing to partner with DfR as I support projects at AEI, and I am interested in leveraging DfR’s strengths (FA, mechanical analysis, part qualification, BOM scrub, etc.) for AEI’s benefit.

— Matt Lacy, Reliability Engineer, Advanced Energy Industries


“DfR Solutions really went above and beyond the call of duty for us on this one.”

I wanted to thank you again for your hospitality and willingness to allow us to visit your facility yesterday on such short notice. DfR has an excellent team and a ton of knowledge and know-how which we very much enjoyed. We appreciate what you have done for us and look forward to working together again in the near future. DfR Solutions really went above and beyond the call of duty for us on this one.”

— Paul Huntoon, Special Ops Engineering Supervisor, Borisch Manufacturing


“The quick work your team did…was key to getting the customer confidence back.”

Just wanted to say thank you again. The quick work your team did on uncovering the capacitor cracking was key to getting the customer confidence back. We were heading off on a different path, but with your help, we found that our plant was not sawing the quad array of PCB panels apart. This was the issue on that small lot of parts and explained why they had the rejects. Pilot run lots were sawn before and have been since without any failures of the cap in question. Thanks again!

— Vice President, Major Industrial Electronics OEM


“The positive experience with Drs. Hillman and Blattau…”

Over the last six months, DfR Solutions, specifically Drs. Craig Hillman and Nathan Blattau, has been actively working with me and other solder experts as part of an Independent Review Team (IRT) to determine the root cause and corrective action for a solder joint failure on a space vehicle electronics box. The IRT effort required reviewing, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from a variety of detailed visual and x-ray inspections. It also required detailed Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of the various solder joints in the electronics assembly. Dr. Hillman excelled in using his detailed knowledge of electronics assemblies and solder joints to help focus the team and drive to conclusions and recommendations. Dr. Blattau’s FEA expertise was instrumental in converging the analysis efforts of various teams through his knowledge of fatigue damage and the modeling of the creep behavior of solder. It is because of the positive experience with Drs. Hillman and Blattau that I can enthusiastically recommend DfR Solutions to others with similar needs.

— Joseph Barker, Engineering Manager/Consultant, Northrop Grumman Corporation


“Professional excellence…”

DfR Solutions has recently consulted for us on critical quality/reliability cases. We are very glad to have invited DfR in working on root cause failure analysis, process assessment and auditing, device test methodologies, etc. Their work not only greatly improved our product integrity, but also raised our skills ranging from materials control, failure analysis, to reliability process and methodologies. They truly bring in the professional excellence!

— Geoffrey Leu, Opto Division GM, Unity Opto Technology Co., Ltd.


“The DfR team was highly professional…”

DfR Solutions provided a design review of our high value measurement system and recommended many ways to improve reliability through design modifications, component changes, improved specifications, and test plans. We were very pleased with the results of their analysis. The DfR team was highly professional and we will continue to use their services again and again.

— Kent Kalar, CEO, SensorTran, Inc.


“Reliability expertise…”

Through several times of cooperation with DfR, we have been very happy to identify the failures and solve the problems more easily and more quickly. Besides the excellent accomplishment of projects, our engineers know more about reliability expertise. I am really satisfied with the professional and just-in-time help from DfR.

— Gordon Kuo, Manufacturing Technology Director, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd.


“DfR has become a champion for our product…”

Nihon Superior has had great success with its patented lead-free SnCuNiGe solder “SN100C,” first in Japan, then in Asia, and we continued that success in Europe. In America the unique features of SN100C attracted a high level of interest as the electronics industry found itself facing the challenge of going lead-free. We realized, however, that to turn that interest into business we would need help in addressing special requirements of the American market. We realized DfR had the skill set that could generate the data we needed. DfR drew up a test program to characterize the performance of alloy and provide the input to a life model that potential customers can use as a basis for designing their assemblies around solder joints made with SN100C. We have been pleasantly surprised to find that the relationship with DfR goes beyond that of just a test house. Without compromising their scientific integrity, DfR has become a champion for our product, looking for opportunities that they encounter in their wide-ranging interactions with the global electronics industry.

— Keith Sweatman, Technical Consultant, Nihon Superior USA


“Everyone at DfR Solutions has been a pleasure to work with…”

DfR Solutions has been a primary resource for Failure Analysis investigations on our most critical field failures. They have a staff of highly talented engineers that facilitate a wide spectrum of expertise and analytical skills. We have utilized DfR Solutions for Failure Analysis on various components such as capacitors, power regulators, MOSFETs, and have used their expertise in analyzing PCB fabrication and design issues. They have provided us with FA reports that include detailed results of inspection, chemical analysis, electrical tests, fault simulation, root cause findings, as well as recommendations for remediation and corrective action. Everyone at DfR Solutions has been a pleasure to work with and their ability to be responsive and flexible contributes to making them a great partner in solving problems and improving product quality.

— Chandler Kangas, Senior Quality Engineer, Mercury Computer Systems


“Further insight and education is also provided…”

I am truly satisfied with the Failure Analysis Investigation of DfR Solutions. In addition to identification of root cause for failure and failure mode of electronic devices/components, further insight and education is also provided regarding the type of failure! The staff are always available, well versed, and extremely professional.

— Candi Hudson, PhD, Schlumberger Failure Analysis Laboratory