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Over the years, DfR Solutions has come to earn a reputation as the leader in quality, reliability and durability solutions for the electronics industry. Our innovative Sherlock Automated Design Analysis™ software and industry expertise maximize and accelerate product design for reliability and development, helping our clients save time, manage resources and improve customer satisfaction.

Our commitment to being indispensable to our clients has driven a number of growth initiatives over the past year. Along with expanding our team with strategic additions, we upgraded our in-house testing capabilities to address the unique needs of highly specialized designs including:

Digital Image Correlation (DIC) to measure and verify thermochemical properties like CTE for board laminates, potting materials or components, board bending and other properties not necessarily addressed on datasheets.

Acoustic Microscopy to test electronic components and materials at different depths without cross-sectioning or otherwise destroying them to detect defects like popcorning, delaminations at the die, thermal pads, and wire sweep. DfR Solutions also leverages acoustic microscopy to identify air gaps in flat samples as opposed to depending on less sensitive and non-multidimensional X-ray techniques.

We know that when it comes to producing the very best in electronics products, reliability can’t be compromised. Find out how our enhanced capabilities and deeper insights can benefit you in 2017 and beyond.

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