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Capacitor Flex Cracking Calculator

Capacitor Flex Cracking

This calculator predicts flex cracking probability in chip capacitors and allows users to adjust design parameters to prevent this type of failure.


Solder Joint Fatigue

This calculator predicts the lifetime of leadless chip components (LCCs) as a function of solder material, component type, PCB properties and use environment.


Plated Through Hole (PTH) Fatigue

This calculator computes the mean fatigue life for printed circuit board materials based on material type and thickness, PTH size and thermal environment.

Component Vibration Fatigue

Component Vibration Fatigue

This calculator computes the cycles to failure for various component types based on the expected vibration environment, the given component and PCB characteristics.

Unit Conversion Calculator

Unit Conversion

This calculator converts length, area, temperature, time period and force values from one unit of measurement to another.

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