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Battery safety, reliability and performance are increasingly important in new technologies making risk-mitigating, forward-thinking solutions a must.

Dr. Vidyu Challa, DfR Solutions Technical Director, spent the past five years in the battery industry as part of a team working on biocompatible flexible batteries and developing custom battery solutions for IoT and smart medical devices. She offers her perspective on new battery technologies and reliability improvement early within the design process.

Design for reliability stems from tightly knitting design and manufacturing from the beginning of the process. For battery and component selection, lean on Dr. Challa’s experience and knowledge.

Her focused work on Zn-Carbon and Ni-Zn batteries provided Dr. Challa with opportunities to develop unique skill sets including:

  • Battery selection for products in the wearables, IOT and smart medical device space
  • Thin flexible batteries for a range of applications
  • Developing printing and coating methods for battery electrodes
  • Diagnosing battery-related product and process defects
Dr. Challa’s diverse experience as a reliability engineer and failure analyst, along with her fresh perspectives on battery technologies, reliability and manufacturing expand the expertise of the DfR Solutions’ team and the specialized value we provide our customers.
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