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Effective failure root cause analysis is critical in identifying how a problem originated, whether it occurred in the field, on a test or involved a loss of quality during manufacturing. Its importance to product development and reliability cannot be understated.

DfR Solutions takes a multidisciplinary approach to root cause analysis that is founded on the Physics of Failure (PoF) and enhanced by our team’s wide-ranging experience in:

  • PCB failure analysis
  • Material failure analysis
  • Failure mode analysis
  • Thermal analysis

We not only get to the root cause of your problem, we provide you with concrete recommendations to solve it.

Failure Analysis

Sherlock is one of the most powerful tools for designing-in reliability.

In an accelerated product development timeline, simulating reliability without physical parts can greatly improve the original design and prevent errors from being undetected until late in the validation stage. Sherlock is one of the most powerful tools for designing-in reliability.

Georgios Sarakaki, Reliability Engineering,
Tesla Motors

Further insight and education is also provided…

I am truly satisfied with the Failure Analysis Investigation of DfR Solutions. In addition to identification of root cause for failure and failure mode of electronic devices/components, further insight and education is also provided regarding the type of failure! The staff is always available, well-versed and extremely professional.

Candi Hudson, PhD,
Schlumberger Failure Analysis Laboratory

They truly bring in the professional excellence!

We are very glad to have invited DfR Solutions in working on root cause failure analysis, process assessment and auditing, device testing methodologies, etc. Their work not only greatly improved our product integrity, but also raised our skills ranging from materials control and failure analysis to reliability process and methodologies. They truly bring in the professional excellence!

Geoffrey Leu, Opto Division GM,
Unity Opto Technology Co., Ltd.


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