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Product test plans – also referred to as design verification, product qualification, product validation and accelerated life testing – are critical to the successful launch of a new product or technology to the market.

DfR Solutions offers accurate product testing and validation testing that help you get to market faster, with a better product, because we develop verification and validation testing that’s realistic, relevant and valuable:


DfR Solutions uses Physics of Failure and the concept of “realistic worst-case” to craft test plans that precisely replicate the conditions your product will actually experience, meaning we find real design deficiencies or defects without introducing excessive stresses that cause non-representative product failure. Every test we recommend is clearly related to the eventual use environment, including screening, storage, transportation/shipping, installation and operation.


DfR Solutions’ subject matter experts are highly knowledgeable in industry and government specifications (including International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), MIL-STD-810, IPC-9592A and JEDEC JESD218/219), and how unacceptable risks can arise if these standards or other market norms are not incorporated into testing. However, we are also keenly aware of the limitations of those test specifications and take them into account when formulating solutions you need to assure your product’s longevity.


DfR Solutions combines deep knowledge of industry best practices, expertise in Physics of Failure (PoF) and extensive testing capabilities to develop efficient product test plans and turnkey solutions that minimize time to market.


…prediction was borne out in our test results

Micron Technology solicited an FEA-based report from DfR Solutions analyzing warpage in an SSD design. Reporting was well organized, thorough and made it easy for us to comprehend the results. Additionally, Dr. Gil Sharon spent nearly an hour on the phone with me after I had read the report, making sure I understood all points of the analysis and the theories behind them. A couple of months later, Gil’s prediction was borne out in our test results – the process change dramatically improved our temp-cycle reliability. I plan to petition the SSD management at Micron to hire DfR Solutions to advise us on other matters in the near future.

Conner Earl, SSD Hardware Systems Mechanical Design Engineer
Micron Technology, Inc.


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