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Traditional product testing methods consume a great deal of time and money, and if qualification uncovers a design or material issue, launch targets can be missed and substantial market share lost.

DfR Solutions uses reliability physics and state-of-the-art software for efficient and cost-effective PCB simulation – a realistic alternative to traditional testing that accelerates simulation and modeling through:

Finite Element Analysis (Mechanical Simulation)

The DfR Solutions team of FEA experts uses the latest versions of Abaqus, Ansys and NX Nastran CAE to accurately assess the most relevant failure mechanisms in electronic packaging – plasticity, creep and crack propagation – and review appropriate material properties using our comprehensive database, or define them by performing characterization to capture a range of properties,including thermal expansion, modulus, plasticity and creep.

Thermal Analysis

Temperature is one of the most critical drivers of product reliability as almost all wear-out failure mechanisms are influenced by it. DfR Solutions introduces thermal assessment and analysis into reliability models to help clients assess temperature rise on simple PCB structures, identify critical parameters for heat sink operations and develop cost-effective thermal management strategies in addition to or instead of primary cooling methods for electronic products and systems, like conduction, convection and radiation.

Circuit simulation

Minor variations occur in circuit design and circuit board components manufacture that can affect performance and cause your project to be out of spec. DfR Solutions uses statistical analysis and circuit simulators to predict the behavior of an electronic circuit in a real environment, reducing costly field failure and allowing you to make necessary changes without having to build and test actual boards.


Simulation And Review

…prediction was borne out in our test results

Micron Technology solicited an FEA-based report from DfR Solutions analyzing warpage in an SSD design. Reporting was well organized, thorough and made it easy for us to comprehend the results. Additionally, Dr. Gil Sharon spent nearly an hour on the phone with me after I had read the report, making sure I understood all points of the analysis and the theories behind them. A couple of months later, Gil’s prediction was borne out in our test results – the process change dramatically improved our temp-cycle reliability. I plan to petition the SSD management at Micron to hire DfR Solutions to advise us on other matters in the near future.

Conner Earl, SSD Hardware Systems Mechanical Design Engineer
Micron Technology, Inc.

…I enthusiastically recommend DfR Solutions…”

DfR Solutions, specifically Drs. Craig Hillman and Nathan Blattau, has actively worked with me and other solder experts as part of an Independent Review Team (IRT) to determine the root cause and corrective action for a solder joint failure on a space vehicle electronics box. The IRT effort required reviewing, analyzing and drawing conclusions from a variety of detailed visual and X-ray inspections. It also required detailed Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of the various solder joints in the electronics assembly. Dr. Hillman excelled in using his detailed knowledge of electronics assemblies and solder joints to help focus the team and drive to conclusions and recommendations. Dr. Blattau’s FEA expertise was instrumental in converging the analysis efforts of various teams through his knowledge of fatigue damage and the modeling of the creep behavior of solder. It is because of the positive experience with Drs. Hillman and Blattau that I can enthusiastically recommend DfR Solutions to others with similar needs.

Joseph Barker, Engineering Manager/Consultant
Northrop Grumman Corporation


I’ve been very pleased with the DfR Solutions team. The reports provided the insight needed to allow several meaningful and useful preventative actions. From my standpoint, that is a significant success.

Shawn Curtis, Operations Program Manager,
Mobile Computing Solutions Division, Trimble


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