PCB Audit

Not applying the appropriate resources to ensure the quality and reliable operation of the printed circuit board in your electronic design can cause production delays and dissatisfied customers.  Using reverse auctions or reliance on contract manufacturers to select PCB suppliers can be a time and cost saver, the result can be an incorrect combination of materials for your product’s application.

DfR Solutions offers a broad range of services to provide our customers with the right set of controls necessary to ensure consistent quality in their PCBs.


The bare minimum, and the right price for smaller OEMs — DfR Solutions provides the customer with a list of requirements that should be displayed on their Gerber images.


Based on a foundation of industry best practices and tailored to each company’s unique circumstances, DfR Solutions helps draft internal documentation for controlling PCB quality, including PCB specifications, Lot Certification (such as Cleanliness Requirements), and Audit Guidelines.


DfR Solutions provides a wide range of audit activities, including writing Audit Guidelines, training OEM personnel to perform PCB Audits, and performing one-, two-, or three-day audits that assess the quality and technical capability of the PCB supplier.

Product Qualification

Once internal documents are in place and a supplier has been certified, DfR Solutions can continue ensuring product quality through our PCB qualification program, including destructive physical analysis (DPA), solder mask reliability, and capacitance measurements for crack delamination detection.