Featured Webinar: Simulated Aided Testing/Simulated Guided Testing

Posted by Craig Hillman on Dec 14, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Free-Webinar.jpgElectrical/Electronic products have complicated and lengthy durability-reliability demonstrations testing. The environmental conditions and simulation and acceleration standards usually results in intensive physical test to field correlation projects that last 2-3 years.

There is now a faster approach based on Physics of Failure (PoF) and the Material Science principles of Stress Driven Damage Accumulation in Materials. Math models of aging wear out mechanisms of components and materials are available that:

  • assess the rate and amounts of damage accumulation and when the failure point is reached
  • can be used in a CAE durability-reliability simulation to determine reliability of products as they age under various field or test usage and environmental conditions
  • can be used in the Simulation Aided Testing (SAT) process to correlate durability test results to field condition or, conversely, used to design accelerated life tests in Simulated Guided Testing (SGT)

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Watch the Simulated Aided Testing/Simulation Guided Testing Webinar to learn more about SAT/SGT analysis methods and how to apply the techniques to accelerated thermal cycling life testing of electronic products.

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For more information on using PoF to ensure product reliability, download Physics of Failure Simulation and Modeling Specifications. Click the button below to access this valuable webinar. 


Topics: Physics of Failure

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