Design Review Process

Here at DfR Solutions, we perform hundreds of design review projects a year. Sometimes companies come to us when they are considering a new electronic product and have only the initial designs. In other instances, companies approach us only after their product has already been configured, requesting a review of the final design before moving forward to the manufacturing stage. Ideally for the client, they are in the former group, partnering with us as early in design process as possible. It’s much more efficient (time- and cost-sensitive) to gather all available information and thoroughly check for potential failures of a design before nailing parts down, rather than to complete an assembly only to discover it doesn’t function properly in its use case scenarios.

Topic: Electronics Reliability, electronics test design, Mechanical Design, Reliability Physics, Standards Based Testing

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Featured Webinar: Best Practices in Implementing Physics of Failure into the Design Process

DfR Solutions has presented “Best Practices in Implementing Physics of Failure into the Design Process” – an informative webinar examining the best methods and tools you need to develop better, more reliable products faster and more efficiently – regardless of industry.

Topic: Sherlock, Design for Reliability

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