Reliability Update at DfR Solutions

Posted by Chris Montgomery on Mar 16, 2017 9:20:00 AM

DfR-Solutions-Capabilities-Additions.jpgOver the past year at DfR Solutions, we’ve continued our commitment to providing advanced solutions and expertise to our customers. From our enhanced in-house testing capabilities to adding new team members who bring unprecedented skills to our team, we are focused on providing the best insights in electronics reliability and quality.

Growing Our Team of Experts and Capabilities

The DfR Solutions team grew throughout 2016. We welcomed Dr. Vidyu Challa, Dr. Rita Mohanty, Lloyd Condra, and Ashok Alagappan to our senior staff. These new additions bring deeper levels of insight into rapidly expanding industries including battery technology, autonomous vehicles, aerospace and more. Natalie Hernandez, Maxim Serebreni, Josh Akman, and Tyler Ferris also joined our staff, bringing a wealth of information and valuable skills. All new team members have a vast array of expertise, allowing us to enhance our services to better serve our customers' needs and further the success of their products.

Along with expanding our team, we upgraded our in-house testing capabilities to address the unique needs of highly specialized designs including:

  • Digital Image Correlation (DIC): While some testing relies on data extracted from a spreadsheet, DIC uses highly sophisticated optical techniques to visually measure and analyze the most minute changes in thermochemical properties. DIC techniques provide accurate 2D and 3D measurements of changes in deformation for board laminates, potting materials or components, board bending and other applications.
  • Acoustic Microscopy: A testing method that uses high-frequency ultrasound to non-destructively penetrate solid materials at different depths. Without compromising the structure of a unit, the Acoustic Microscopy technique can find and analyze internal defects such as delamination, cracks, air gaps, popcorning, wire sweeps and more.

The combination of these growth initiatives positions DfR Solutions to make great advances in the electronics reliability industry, and our annual conference will empower attendees to make many strides of their own.

Those who attended our Design for Reliability Conference are able to leverage the knowledge of our new additions, long-time DfR Solutions staff and industry experts to better predict reliability and improve product performance. If you weren't able to attend but would like a peek in to what you missed, watch our recently recorded webinar by Maxim Serebreni, System Level Effects on Solder Joint Reliability. Just click below to access now!

System Level Effects on Solder Joint Reliability Webinar

Topics: Design for Reliability

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