Sherlock 5.0 - New Features Make a Great Software Tool Even More Robust

Posted by Chris Montgomery on Aug 10, 2016 2:01:41 PM

Sherlock-5.0-info-sheet.jpgDfR Solutions is committed to keeping Sherlock Automated Design Analysis™ software the go-to tool for solving critical electronics reliability challenges, and the latest version is the most powerful yet! 

What’s New in Sherlock 5.0?

With new features and refinements, Sherlock 5.0 makes it easier than ever to bring the “real world” to electronics builds for expert users and novices alike. There’s no need to invest thousands of hours of compute time – and that means finding a solution faster.

Modeling Regions

PCB view complexity may involve minute features and multiple layers that could crash typical computer systems. The Modeling Regions feature alleviates that concern:

  • Click-and-view functionality on any part of the build replaces prior Sherlock tracing modeling
  • Areas of concern are displayed on-screen in detailed, high resolution and the balance of the board appears in coarser resolution for reference
  • Users can selectively choose the level of view complexity without relying on a high performance computing system to support modeling, analysis and export
  • Modeling regions allows users to specify different meshing properties for different PCB areas without increasing overall FEA model complexity 

Heat Sinks

Attachment points can now be created from mount points for heat sinks, replacing the more complicated process of placing heat sinks on top of the component and/or using assemblies. 

Siemens NX Nastran Integration/Support

To improve our support for aerospace processes, Sherlock now integrates with the NX Nastran FEA engine. Sherlock can export mesh models to NX Nastran in Bulk Data File (BDF) format.

Plated Through Hole Analysis 

IMEC Plated Through Hole Fatigue models can now be analyzed with the Sherlock PTH Fatigue calculator in addition to the existing default IPC-TR-579 model. Updated IPC model analysis is also available on Sherlock, which now includes an elastic strain range.

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