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Top 5 Reasons Not to Miss the 2017 Design for Reliability Conference

Posted by Chris Montgomery on Mar 9, 2017 7:33:00 AM

2017 Design for Reliability (DfR) ConferenceBy now, you’ve heard about our stellar lineup of speakers presenting at the upcoming 2017 Design for Reliability Conference on March 20 in Baltimore, Maryland. Global experts will present on topics ranging from solder joint reliability and battery technologies to the challenges facing autonomous vehicles and aerospace systems. Conference attendees will experience a day full of practical and applicable information they can take back to their teams to implement.

Interested in learning more about how this event will help catapult your reliability testing knowledge to new heights? Here are the top 5 reasons why you (and others on your design team) should attend.

1. Learn the Latest Insights

Learn more about a hot topic impacting electronics design—Physics of Failure (PoF). This technique, used in the practice of Design for Reliability, leverages the knowledge and understanding of the processes and mechanisms that induce failure to predict reliability and improve product performance. Return to your team with information that can result in fewer “back to the drawing board” redesigns.

2. Network with Experts

The greatest advances in reliable technology often result from the collaboration of great minds. Meet electronics design experts in aerospace, automotive, battery, data storage, defense, semiconductor, hardware and other fields. Engage in discussion with speakers, including Meg Novacek, Dr. Vidyu Challa, Lloyd Condra, Vincent Doan, Greg Caswell, and more. Build relationships that can serve as a resource to you in the future, and share your insights and expertise in return.

3. Hear About the Future of Reliability Design

Technology is advancing at warp speed, and testing can no longer be separate from the design phase. The need to include rigorous Design for Reliability (DfR) methodologies from product inception throughout the manufacturing process is more critical than ever. Get an insider perspective on the future of reliability design and why testing must be included in each part of the process.

4. Experience Historic Baltimore

This year’s event will take place at the beautiful Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland. Consider extending your stay and experience one of the many museums or historic landmarks located around the city.

5. Grow Your Understanding in Just One Day

You’ll receive a wealth of knowledge in a single day of training, minimizing time away from the job and efficiently amassing the information you need to streamline your processes and guide your team to new levels of success.

Bonus! Sherlock Technical Training

Sherlock users can participate in an intermediate and advanced technical training following the conference on March 21 and 22. Participants will increase their Sherlock user skills, learn more about critical features, and earn a Sherlock user certificate. As an added benefit, when you register for the Training, you will receive free admittance to the conference.

Whether new in your career or a veteran engineer, the 2017 Design for Reliability Conference will arm you with new knowledge to implement best practices and techniques in your electronics components.

If you weren't able to attend this year's conference, please watch for details soon on our 2018 event! If you are looking to learn more about Physics of Failure, watch our recorded webinar on Specifying and Satisfying Physics of Failure RequirementsJust click below to access now! 

Satisfying PoF Requirements webinar

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