What 45 Years in the Electronics Industry Teaches You

Posted by Greg Caswell on Feb 14, 2017 9:28:00 AM

Reliability-Engineering.jpgWhen considering recent advances in technology like autonomous vehicles or cloud computing, it’s easy to forget that as little as 20 years ago, most people didn’t have a home computer. The internet wasn’t fully functioning until the late 1990s and mobile access wasn’t commonplace until the dawn of the 21st century.

The influence of technology has significantly changed the state of manufacturing and reliability engineering. Cloud-based software and other advances in precision robotics allow manufacturers to produce components that are smaller, faster and cheaper than ever before, and companies can roll out products at lightening speed. Manufacturers are charged with keeping up with and anticipating emerging technology or risk falling behind competitors. These challenges are met with initiatives to ensure quality and reliability of their products.

An Industry Veteran’s Perspective on Technology Advances

Greg Caswell, Sr. Member of the Technical Staff at DfR Solutions, has seen it all and then some. His engineering and technical career has spanned 45 years and covers diverse industries. From leading engineering and manufacturing for the Galileo spacecraft programs to growing the semiconductor packaging industry, Caswell can draw on a vast bank of technology expertise from a first-hand perspective.

Caswell has rich industry experience in SMT, advanced packaging, printed board fabrication, circuit card assembly and bonding solutions using nanotechnology.

This year he spoke about his observations during his keynote presentation titled What I’ve Learned After Working 45 Years in the Electronics Industry at the DfR Solutions 2017 Design for Reliability Conference on March 20, 2017 in Baltimore.

To glean some of this knowledge from Greg, read his latest blog posts, An Accidental Lesson In Surface Mount Technology Manufacturing and Continued Lessons In Early Surface Mount Technology Manufacturing or watch his recent webinar titled, Coatings and Pottings — A Critical Update. Just click below to access it now! 



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