Concerned about Counterfeit Capacitors or Capacitor Quality?

Though they may look like the real thing, counterfeit electronic parts will not perform reliably and, if undetected, could cause catastrophic failure at a critical moment in commercial, medical or military applications.

Counterfeiters are getting better, and many of the current non-destructive techniques – visual inspection, mechanical robustness, X-Ray, XRF, C-SAM, Infrared Thermography, electrical characterization, decapsulation and marking evaluations – may not be able to identify real components from fakes. The infiltration of counterfeit parts into electronics design is a growing concern as demand increases for reducing production costs.

DfR Solutions can help you reduce the risk of counterfeit components entering your products through your supply chain with tailored solutions that focus on counterfeit electronic component detection and avoidance, including:

  • Gap analysis between your current anti-counterfeiting processes and current industry best practices, along with an assessment of how anti-counterfeiting processes are addressed through design for reliability, design for manufacturing and design for supportability.
  • Awareness training for management, procurement and purchasing professionals.
  • Detailed identification training for newly hired inspection personnel.
  • Visual/X-Ray audits and full-scale characterization testing of every part over the full temperature range to verify component authenticity.
  • Failure analysis of failed components to determine what caused the failure – design, workmanship, overstress or counterfeit.
  • Independent and objective assistance with supplier and manufacturing audits to align with verified suppliers and reduce the risk of counterfeit.
  • Risk versus cost impact analysis to identify and mitigate cost and performance issues before suspect components get used, or to determine how anti-counterfeit measures can be designed into the new part or legacy component to make forgery more difficult.

If you are concerned with counterfeit electronic parts in your product or design, speak with a DfR Solutions’ expert on analyses options that fit your needs.

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