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Common Issues with Power Supply Designs, Part 1

Posted by Ron Wunderlich on Jul 18, 2016 5:45:27 PM

The vendors that  make switching regulator IC’s offer design guides helping the user to develop power supplies for their end use. These design guides could be just suggestions in the datasheet to online simulation tools which will design the power supply for you and generate a complete BOM. 

Whether it’s just to supply power to FPGA on a digital board or to produce an OEM Power Supply, the power supply itself needs to be robust to handle the end user’s need. However, the design guides offered by the IC vendors do not always help you to choose the most appropriate component based on good design practice. Most cases, the design guides will tell you the component value like capacitance but not the required voltage or RMS ripple current rating.

This series of white papers covers where the IC vendors left off. With close to 30 years in designing power supplies, failure analysis and design reviews, here a list of basic issues that consistently come up.


Topics: Analon Cercuitry, control theory, Failure Analysis

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