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Counterfeit Testing Methodology, Minimizing Costs While Minimizing Risks

Posted by Greg Caswell and Dr. Craig Hillman on Aug 31, 2016 3:09:58 PM

While interfacing with colleagues on LinkedIn the other day I encountered a procurement manager requesting to be connected with ANYONE that could help him find obsolete or difficult to find components. He received over 20 responses from parts brokers all offering their innate ability to find and procure these long lead or obsolete components. None of the brokers were familiar to me, which, in my opinion, points to an immediate danger to the buyer of procuring counterfeit devices through these sources that were either unknown to him or had minimal contact with him. In the other paper in this issue regarding counterfeit parts DfR identified the risk of procuring these types of devices and how you should perform varying levels of test and inspection to assure compliant parts. This paper will identify the different methodologies whereby you, the procurer of these parts, can reduce your risk by having the appropriate tests performed. DfR will describe these options so that you can make the correct decision.


Topics: counterfeit parts, methodology

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