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Derating of Schottky Diodes

Posted by Gerd Fischer on Jul 20, 2016 10:15:30 PM

Schottky diodes use a metal-semiconductor junction as opposed to the semiconductor- semiconductor junctions used in standard diodes. This configuration allows for lower forward bias voltage drops (0.15V - 0.45V vs. 0.5-0.7V) and faster switching times, making them ideal for power supply switching operations. Drawbacks for schottky diodes include much higher reverse bias leakage current ratings. Because p-n recombination is not a factor in switching delay time, only capacitance affects the reverse switching time.

These diodes are generally used to rectify voltages for power supply output. Their quick response time and low voltage consumption make them ideal for this purpose and it is assumed that they perform this function. As such, we will look primarily at the effects of temperature on forward bias voltage drop, capacitance, and reverse current leakage.


Topics: Schottky Diodes, forward bias voltage drop, capacitance, reverse current leakage

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