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How to Build Reliable Mobile Displays

Posted by Petri Savolainen on Jul 25, 2016 3:53:35 PM

From the early days of mobile phones to the present, manufacturers have fiercely competed on who is able to make the smallest, the lightest, and the thinnest device.  Although size has hit a plateau for some years, it is still relevant factor.  The device must be small enough to be stashed in a pocket and light weight is an advantage.  Internet and social media are the drivers for expanding usage of smart phones although the user still can make phone calls and text with his or her device.  The focus on media drives the industry to put displays as big as they can into the devices, with sizes being in the range 3.5” to 5”.

A new, but rapidly growing market segment is the tablet market.  These devices offer larger displays (7-10”) and have the same connectivity as smart phones.  For many the tablet is replacing the laptop as the computer on the go.  As compared with the smart phones, the larger display makes the usage of content, including video, games, photos, and internet, easier. The tablet manufacturers are also moving toward high definition displays.


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