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How to go from Concept to Customer: Best Practices in Product Delivery

Having a comprehensive review methodology for Product Delivery Processes (PDP) is very beneficial to an engineering development activity in that it involves the entire product life cycle from product design to manufacturing to delivery. Herein, DfR has provided a guide into the various phases and steps that should be elements of such a process. Doing so will provide you with a means to evaluate your processes, determine their effectiveness and efficiency and benchmark them against current industry best practices and organizations.

DfR has prepared a step by step methodology to map out a PDP program and benchmarking analysis that will help you, the user, to ascertain these best practices with respect to your internal engineering and management operations. The defined activities may also provide insight into methodologies for reducing costs. Following the described activities in this document will result in a highly collaborative organizational efficiency for your company that will evolve as interaction progresses and recommendations for further improvements are developed.


Topics: Product Delivery Processes, Benchmarking Analysis, QRD

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