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Reliable Plated Through Via Design and Fabrication

Posted by Craig Hillman on Aug 23, 2016 10:20:50 AM

Preventing circumferential cracking of plated through vias (PTV) requires a deep understanding of industry capability, the physics of low cycle fatigue, and the influence of manufacturing processes on defect creation. Design specifications must not exceed the via diameter and board thickness constraints that have remained relatively constant over the past several years. Design plays a surprisingly limited role in the fatigue behavior of PTV, as material properties are shown to be the dominant factor in the potential for crack propagation within the copper barrel. Material properties can be corrupted by defects introduced through deviations in drilling, etchback, and plating. This paper focuses on plated through via (PTV) barrel fatigue.


Topics: plated through via, plated through hole, via reliability, PTH, PTV, via design, via fabrication

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