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Root-Cause Analysis (RCA) of HALT Failures: Case Study

A manufacturer of industrial controls equipment requested review and commentary on the performance of one of their new power supply products subjected to a classic Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) activity. The HALT consisted of

  • Cold Step Stress

  • Hot Step Stress

  • Rapid Thermal Transition

  • Vibration Step Stress

  • Combined Thermal and Vibration

    This document reviews each failure mode, when the failure occurred during the HALT process, and the root-cause of the failure. It will provide an assessment as to relevancy of the failure mode for the field environment and possible corrective actions. To provide realistic and effective guidance, this report assumed an operating temperature range of 5oC to 50oC (semi-controlled industrial location) and a storage temperature range of -40oC to 65oC.


Topics: HALT, Failure Analysis

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