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Solder Phase Coarsening, Fundamentals, Preparation, Measurement and Prediction

Posted by Crina Rauta, Dr. Abhijit Dasgupta and Dr. Craig Hillman on Aug 31, 2016 10:51:53 PM

Thermal fatigue has been one of the most serious problems for solder joint reliability. Thermo-mechanical fatigue failure is considered to be closely related to micro-structural coarsening (grain/phase growth). Factors that influence the phase growth are studied and measurement methods are discussed, including the preparation of the eutectic solder sample for phase size measurement. Three categories of models used to predict grain growth in polycrystalline materials are presented. Finally, phase growth in solder during high temperature aging and temperature cycling and its use as a damage correlation factor are discussed.


Topics: Solder Phase Coarsening, solder joint reliability, Phase growth

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