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Quality and Reliability Challenges for Package‐on‐Package

Posted by Craig Hillman and Randy Kong on Aug 28, 2016 3:52:54 PM

emiconductor technology advances have been fulfilling Moore’s law for many decades. However, with feature sizes approaching atomic dimensions, alternative technologies will be needed to meet the evolving performance, size and cost demands driven by applications from mobile to cloud computing. One example of such technologies is heterogeneous semiconductor packaging technology such as 3D packaging.

Topics: Semiconductor technology, POP, Quality, reliability

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Using the Physics of Quality (PoQ) to Improve Supplier Performance

Posted by Author on Aug 23, 2016 6:03:49 PM

When most of us hear the acronym I-S-O, the one thing comes to mind is the ISO9001 Quality Management System (even though ISO is involved in all worldwide standardization activities; consider the amazing uniformity of credit card dimensions). Standardized in 1987, the release of ISO9001 was critical to the explosion in manufacturing outsourcing worldwide.

Before ISO9001, only a limited number of organizations had the size to develop, implement, and ENFORCE quality requirements throughout the supply chain. Examples included AT&T, Boeing, Ford-GM-Chrysler and Department of Defense. The rest of the electronic community was forced to accept the word of the supplier in regards to quality control. This condition was a significant roadblock in reducing manufacturing costs and increasing production flexibility.

Topics: ISO, Quality

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