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More Data, Richer Insights and valuable Testing

The intricacies of highly specialized electronics designs and complex boards and assemblies require deep testing to mitigate risk that, if not addressed, could leave your products, your brand and your customers vulnerable.

That’s why DfR Solutions offers physics-based reliability solutions (including innovative Sherlock Automated Design Analysis™ software) and has expanded its already comprehensive portfolio with two in-house capabilities that provide more data, richer insights and valuable testing services:

Digital Image Correlation (DIC) focuses on thermomechanical properties that may or may not appear on datasheets but are essential for understanding, predicting and verifying thermomechanical reliability of assemblies or boards, specifically:

  • Measuring deformation or warpage
  • Measuring CTE for board laminates, potting materials or components
  • Studying board bending

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Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM) is a failure analysis technique that preserves electronic component and material samples with non-destructive testing that aids in:

  • Detecting defects like popcorning, delaminations at the die, thermal pads and wire sweep
  • Imaging of features at varying depths, as opposed to flat X-rays that are difficult to interpret
  • Identifying air gaps in flat samples

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Strategic additions to our expert team round out our enhanced capabilities and ensure your success in producing quality, reliable electronics products that perform as predicted.

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