How Hot is too Hot?

Thursday, June 20th at 11:00 AM EST

Presented by Dr. Craig Hillman

In this webinar, Dr. Craig Hillman will discuss the challenges of knowing how hot is too hot when it comes to the parts and materials that make up electronic hardware. Dr. Hillman will describe how increasing number of electronic design teams leverage sophisticated thermal simulation tools, like Icepak, but then revert to spreadsheets and design rules to decide if the temperature is appropriate for the application. Dr. Hillman will show how to use the reliability physics analysis within ANSYS-Sherlock to identify which components should be of the most concern in regard to temperature, how these components will fail, and how to validate potential mitigations.

Key Takeaways:

  • The factors contributing to inaccurate thermal reliability predictions
  • The electronic components engineers need to be most concerned with in regard to temperature
  • A solution to ineffective feedback loops within design teams

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