DfR Solutions Receives Military Embedded Systems Editor’s Choice Award

Posted by DfR Solutions on May 23, 2012 11:00:00 AM

College Park, MD – May 23, 2012 – DfR Solutions, a leader in quality, reliability, and durability solutions for the electronics industry, announced that Sherlock Automated Design Analysis™ was chosen as an Editor’s Choice product by Military Embedded Systems magazine in its April/May 2012 edition.  Sherlock is the first-of-its-kind Automated Design Analysis software for analyzing, grading, and certifying the expected reliability of products at the circuit card assembly level.

“Physics of Failure Analysis is a topic that is critical to rapidly and cost-effectively delivering safe, highly reliable systems into military customers’ hands. One company focusing on this paradigm is DfR Solutions, apparently, with its Sherlock Automated Design Analysis Tool software. Sherlock uses Physics of Failure Analysis to help designers spot the possible points of failure early in the design process, thereby eliminating the innate inefficiency of the build-test-fix cycle,” writes Military Embedded Systems, an Open Systems Media publication.

According to the article in Editors at Military Embedded Systems, “Sherlock works in three phases: 1) Data input – the same files that the user company would send to a manufacturer for board assembly can be used after data is easily imported into Sherlock. 2) Analysis – A holistic analysis is rendered, taking into account things such as time to failure, part failure, shock and vibe, and thermal, specifically: virtual thermal cycling, solder joint fatigue, virtual shock, Conductive Anodic Filaments (CAFs), virtual vibration, and Plated Through Hole (PTH) fatigue. 3) Report and recommend – Results are provided in several formats such as overlays, life curves, histograms, or in a tabular output. Reports are rendered in only a few minutes.”

“To receive an Editor’s Choice award by a highly-regarded publication like Military Embedded Systems is quite prestigious,” notes Craig Hillman, PhD, CEO and founder of DfR Solutions. “Sherlock is a unique and innovative tool that uses Physics-of-Failure to enable design and reliability engineers in electronics manufacturing to develop better, more reliable products quicker and more efficiently. The response to this tool has been fantastic, especially from the military and defense sectors where electronics reliability is critical.”

About DfR Solutions, LLC:

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