DfR Solutions to Present at CARTS Europe 2008

Posted by DfR Solutions on Oct 8, 2008 3:00:00 PM

College Park, MD  October 8, 2008 – DfR Solutions is very proud to announce that Craig Hillman, CEO & Managing Partner, will be speaking at CARTS Europe 2008, on October 20th in Helsinki, Finland.  Dr. Hillman will be discussing the development of market intelligence on passive components, which are often dominated by the more complex and expensive integrated cousins.  However, the worldwide market for passive components exceeds $30 billion and is expected to increase due to movement to multi-core and multi-die design.

As an example of this pervasive trend, single-core platforms of the previous generation of microprocessors needed an external capacitance of approximately 25uF while multi-core platforms of the upcoming generation are expected to require in excess of 250uF.  The seminar will explain how DfR’s expertise in passive component technology, in combination with Paumanok Publications’ analysis, predictions, and market intelligence, creates a powerful turn-key solution for technology and market insight.

“The capacitors required to sustain these performance requirements are on the cutting edge of technology and provide valuable high margins for a typically low margin industry,” said Dr. Hillman. “By gaining insight into the solution sets selected by major component, module, and product manufacturers, passive component supply chain can orient their production to be inline with market conditions and other OEMs can develop a better understanding of component solutions for next generation designs.”

While in the area, Dr. Hillman will be speaking at several companies in Finland and Sweden on other topics where DfR is the world leader including: failure analysis, Pb-free reliability assurance and prediction, and design for reliability tools and knowledge.

Dr. Hillman has published over 75 papers in such areas and has presented to more than 150 companies and organizations worldwide.

For more information regarding Craig Hillman’s presentation in Europe, please contact Ed Dodd at edodd@dfrsolutions.com, or Craig Hillman at chillman@zpc16.hosts.cx. 

About DfR:

DfR Solutions has world-renowned expertise in applying the science of Reliability Physics to electrical and electronics technologies, and is a leading provider of quality, reliability, and durability (QRD) research and consulting for the electronics industry.  The company’s integrated use of Physics of Failure (PoF) and Best Practices provides crucial insights and solutions early in product design and development and throughout the product life cycle.  DfR Solutions specializes in providing knowledge- and science-based solutions to maximize and accelerate the product integrity assurance activities of their clients in every marketplace for electronic technologies (consumer, industrial, automotive, medical, military, telecom, oil drilling, and throughout the electronic component and material supply chain).  For more information visit www.dfrsolutions.com.

About Paumanok Publications:
Since 1988, Paumanok Publications, Inc. has been the world’s largest supplier of market research products and services to the passive electronic components industry.  Paumanok Publications, Inc. also publishes Passive Component Industry Magazine.  Visit their website at www.paumanokgroup.com

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