DoD Selects DfR for Study Addressing Reballing Concerns

Posted by DfR Solutions on Mar 31, 2009 4:00:00 PM

College Park, MD – March 31, 2009 – DfR Solutions today announced it has been chosen by the Department of Defense to perform a research project into the practice of reballing. The DoD selected DfR Solutions based on the firm's extensive experience in researching component packaging.

In response to the increasing obsolescence of SnPb parts, the military contractors are directing that Pbfree parts be reballed. This practice involves a third party removing the Pb-free solder balls and replacing them with SnPb solder balls. The DfR Solutions study will address the potential risks and costs associated with reballing.

"Reballing is currently occurring with little oversight or understanding of the implications to part performance or reliability," said Dr. Randy Schueller, a Senior Member of Technical Staff at DfR Solutions. "The additional handling and thermal exposure associated with this practice could lead to significant issues. This calls into question the value of this activity from an end-user perspective. We are glad that DoD has realized the need for more quantifiable studies on this activity, and has identified DfR as the industry leader on this topic."

As part of this wide-ranging study, DfR Solutions is actively seeking industry and academic partners wishing to leverage the existing funding. "Suppliers to the DoD who partner with us on this activity will have access to data and analysis necessary for an informed decision on the benefits and disadvantages of reballing," said Schueller.

Information on the reballing research study and possible involvement can be obtained by contacting Schueller at or Cheryl Tulkoff at

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