Dr. Craig Hillman to Present at CMSE in San Diego

Posted by DfR Solutions on Jan 15, 2009 3:00:00 PM

College Park, MD  January 15, 2009 – DfR Solutions is very proud to announce that Dr. Craig Hillman, CEO and Managing Partner, will present a two-part seminar at the Commercialization of Military and Space Electronics (CMSE) Conference in San Diego, CA, on February 9.  The seminar, entitled “Successful Transition to Pb-Free Components and Materials for Military/High Reliability Applications,” will discuss both a case study of the successful transition to Pb-Free electronics and the development of a test plan for qualification of RoHS compliant products for military applications.

“An effective RoHS transition program should contain the following elements: RoHS assessment, RoHS training, audit manufacturing line, and design review,” said Dr. Craig Hillman.  “It is important to understand the products, application, shipping, and operating environment, and narrow down the issues to those that present a significant change in reliability risk.”

While in the area, Dr. Hillman will be speaking at several companies on a variety of topics where DfR is the world leader including: failure analysis, Pb-free reliability assurance and prediction, and design for reliability tools and knowledge.  Dr. Hillman has performed more than 500 failure analysis investigations, published more than 40 papers in the area of electronics quality and reliability, and has presented to more than 250 companies and organizations.

For more information regarding Dr. Hillman’s seminar, contact Craig Hillman at chillman@dfrsolutions.com, or Leon Hamiter at lhamiter@cti-us.com.  To register for the CMSE conference, please visit www.cti-us.com/cmseap08.htm.

About DfR:

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