Strategic Additions in 2016 Bring New Expertise to DFR Solutions

Posted by DfR Solutions on Feb 24, 2017 3:51:07 PM

Beltsville, MD – February 2, 2017 – DfR Solutions, a leader in quality, reliability, and durability (QRD) solutions for the electronics industry, made major strides in further developing its team of experts with several new additions in 2016. Their vast experience and knowledge will allow DfR Solutions to provide enhanced capabilities and deeper insight into the advancement of technology reliability.

New senior staff members include:

  • Dr. Vidyu Challa, PhD, Technical Director — Dr. Challa has a diverse background in engineering technology and R&D that spans the semiconductor and battery industries, including failure analysis efforts to diagnose product and process defects.
  • Dr. Rita Mohanty, PhD, Senior Member, Technical Staff — Dr. Mohanty joins the team with a career that spans R&D, technology management, product development, technical road mapping, IP management, segment market selling, global customer support, manufacturing and consultative services.
  • Lloyd Condra, Senior Consultant — A pioneer in electronics manufacturing and leader in the aerospace, defense, high performance (ADHP) industry, and as a Technical Fellow at Boeing, Mr. Condra led efforts to use COTS parts and assemblies.
  • Ashok Alagappan, Senior Member, Technical Staff — A semiconductor professional with 12 years engineering experience in product development, process integration and yield enhancement, Mr. Alagappan has expertise in data analysis, problem solving, project management, technology transfer, new product introductions, and circuit design and layout.

Additional new staff members include:

  • Natalie Hernandez, PhD, Product Engineer — As an experimental physicist, Ms. Hernandez brings strong analytical, quantitative and technical skills with key competencies in solid state physics/materials science, data analysis and optical experimentation.
  • Maxim SerebreniResearch Engineer — Mr. Serebreni's background is in experimental mechanics and mechanical characterization of non-ferrous metallic alloys. His research attracted support from the electronics industry and he is currently working on consortium efforts to characterize fatigue performance of Pb-free components.
  • Josh Akman, Technical Staff — A mechanical engineer with a reliability focus, Mr. Akman has several years of broad experience with various accelerated testing and failure analysis techniques. His previous research examined the thermomechanical effects on encapsulation on electronics.
  • Tyler Ferris, Technical Staff — A former research fellow at the University of Pittsburgh, Mr. Ferris completed research projects to improve methodologies for various aspects of nuclear power plants, and contributed to the design, fabrication, and testing of medical surgical devices.

Also, DfR Solutions has contracted with independent consultant Meg Novacek, a reliability expert with 28 years of automotive experience who offers engineering and quality process improvement advice to the industry, notably those affecting the autonomous vehicle sector.

“The addition of so many notable experts from various industries and backgrounds is a major contribution to our company,” said Dr. Craig Hillman, CEO and Managing Partner at DfR Solutions. “These individuals’ knowledge, combined with their dedication to results-driven solutions, positions us to better serve our customers' needs and further the success of their products.”

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