System-level reliability is the combination of the reliability of each discrete part combined with system-level interactions. The evolution of electronics technology and the standardization of hardware in certain applications has significantly increased the importance of accurately capturing and ensuring system-level reliability. Our unique focus and multi-disciplinary team uses robust design-for-reliability practices and validated reliability physics-based models to provide early and actionable guidance on all aspects of electronic systems, including batteries, displays, enclosures, mechantronics, cabling, connectors, power supplies, wireless communication and corrosion protection, and how these parts may interact to influence the operation and reliability of the overall system.


The expert engineers and reliability professionals at DfR Solutions are thought leaders in electronics reliability. We’ve compiled a wide-range knowledge base on systems. Click on the resources below to access whitepapers, webinars, presentations, and more.

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Battery safety, reliability and performance are increasingly important in new technologies making risk-mitigating, forward-thinking solutions a must.