Wearables, smart phones, electronic vehicles, and Internet of Things devices all depend on one thing: batteries.

As your company and its products increasingly rely on battery power, it’s critical that you consider battery safety, reliability, and performance. Batteries can be highly reactive and susceptible to thermal runaway events or even catastrophic failures. Faulty batteries can be costly, pose physical danger to users, and risk your company’s reputation. Determining if your approach to integrating batteries into your product is safe and reliable requires a thorough understanding of the chemistry and failure modes in batteries, and an evaluation of which battery technology is ideal for your product.

Proper qualification of batteries in a new application requires attention to the design, manufacturing, testing, storage, and transportation of your product. The ANSYS-DfR Solutions team brings together battery design and manufacturing experts with teardown and electrical testing capabilities, who can help ensure the reliability and safety of your product at all phases of its lifecycle.

Battery reliability
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Why Lithium Ion Batteries Fail?

You want to be proactive about the safety of your battery-powered product, and don't want your company to be on the evening news. Is qualifying your battery manufacturer to industry standards enough? The answer is that most compliance based testing is related to abuse tolerance, but the vast majority of battery field failures are not due to abuse, but happen under normal operating conditions! Compliance based testing is necessary but not sufficient to ensure lithium ion battery safety and reliability. 

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