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DfR Solutions takes pride in our expertise in serving clients and providing them with valuable educational resources designed to educate on all aspects of electronic reliability and quality. We offer a comprehensive and timely catalog of resources and reliability training courses.

We also offer custom onsite reliability training for your staff or organization if you have a specific need. Request a quote if you’re interested in learning more about reliability engineering courses, reliability engineering certification and online reliability engineering training.

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DfR Solutions really went above and beyond the call of duty for us…

I wanted to thank you again for your hospitality and willingness to allow us to visit your facility yesterday on such short notice. DfR has an excellent team and a ton of knowledge and know-how that we very much enjoyed. We appreciate what you have done for us and look forward to working together again in the near future. DfR Solutions really went above and beyond the call of duty for us on this one.

Paul Huntoon, Special Ops
Engineering Supervisor,
Borisch Manufacturing

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Guaranteeing Reliability w/ VIBRATION SIMULATION & TESTING

Guaranteeing Reliability with Vibration Simulation & Testing webinar


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