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“More than a picture-and-an-arrow”: DfR Solutions is the only third-party failure analysis organization worldwide that has the internal expertise to not only identify root-cause, but also provide clear recommendations on how to fix the problem and prevent it from reoccurring.  DfR Solutions takes a multidisciplinary (electrical, mechanical, materials, physics, chemistry) approach to root cause analysis that is founded on the Physics of Failure (PoF) and enhanced by our team’s wide-ranging experience in electronic components, circuit boards, assembly, batteries, displays, housing/enclosure, motors, etc. Every failure analysis report released by DfR Solutions has a unique first page that details Key Findings and Recommended Actions. This allows our customers to quickly resolve issues, accelerate time to market, and drive continuous improvement within their organization.

Failure Analysis

DfR has been a valuable resource…

DfR has been a valuable resource not only for failure analysis, but also for mechanical analysis and part qualification testing. When I share the DfR reports with my managers and peers they also appreciate the expertise, timeliness and professionalism of the reports. I have had multiple co-workers from different groups within the company approach me about contacting DfR for help. I look forward to continuing to partner with DfR as I support projects at AEI, leveraging their strengths in FA, mechanical analysis, part qualification, BOM scrub, etc.

Matt Lacy, Reliability Engineer,
Advanced Energy Industries

Further insight and education is also provided…

I am truly satisfied with the Failure Analysis Investigation of DfR Solutions. In addition to identification of root cause for failure and failure mode of electronic devices/components, further insight and education is also provided regarding the type of failure! The staff is always available, well-versed and extremely professional.

Candi Hudson, PhD,
Schlumberger Failure Analysis Laboratory

They truly bring in the professional excellence!

We are very glad to have invited DfR Solutions in working on root cause failure analysis, process assessment and auditing, device testing methodologies, etc. Their work not only greatly improved our product integrity, but also raised our skills ranging from materials control and failure analysis to reliability process and methodologies. They truly bring in the professional excellence!

Geoffrey Leu, Opto Division GM,
Unity Opto Technology Co., Ltd.

Reliability expertise…

Cooperating with DfR Solutions, we have identified failures and solved problems more easily and quicker. Besides the excellent accomplishment of projects, our engineers know more about reliability expertise. I am really satisfied with the professional and just-in-time help from DfR.

Gordon Kuo,
Manufacturing Technology Director,
Huawei Technology Co., Ltd.

Everyone at DfR Solutions has been a pleasure to work with…

DfR Solutions has been a primary resource for Failure Analysis investigations on our most critical field failures. They have a staff of highly talented engineers that facilitate a wide spectrum of expertise and analytical skills. We have utilized DfR Solutions for Failure Analysis on various components such as capacitors, power regulators and MOSFETs, and have used their expertise in analyzing PCB fabrication and design issues. They have provided us with FA reports that include detailed results of inspection, chemical analysis, electrical tests, fault simulation and root cause finding, as well as recommendations for remediation and corrective action. Everyone at DfR Solutions has been a pleasure to work with and their ability to be responsive and flexible contributes to making them a great partner in solving problems and improving product quality.

Chandler Kangas
Senior Quality Engineer,
Mercury Computer Systems

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