IC components are finding their way into every major electronics application, across various industries and product categories. For the semiconductor industry, the major focus has been to keep up with Moore’s law and deliver on power, performance, area and cost (PPAC).

While reliability has been on their radar, it has been focused on meeting the demand of consumer applications lasting on average of 5 years. Now, however, reliability is emerging as a key metric alongside other performance metrics. Emerging market segments such as autonomous vehicles, IoT, AI-machine learning, data centers, cloud computing, medical, and high performance industrial applications use chips manufactured in advanced process nodes, subjected to higher utilization, and require reliable operation for 10-15 years. The testing and qualification methods that are currently in use by IC manufacturers do not characterize nor predict the long-term reliability of the components.

DfR Solutions has the expertise to assess, test and predict the reliability of IC components. Our lab has the tools and resources to perform functional, electrical and physical examinations of IC failures. Our experts identify and analyze IC failures to help customers assess product failures that are part of pilot production or full production. The analysis will not only help customers assess the impact but also make the right decision about replacing components to prevent costly field failures. DfR Solutions’ semiconductor wearout analysis can be used to predict the lifetime of ICs due to intrinsic aging degradation mechanisms.

The semiconductor manufacturing and design experts at DfR Solutions identify user-attributable IC failures, qualify an IC component for their product design and evaluate product yield issues during manufacturing.

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