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DfR Solutions is recognized as the worldwide leader in reliability and accelerated life testing through our unrivaled knowledge of reliability physics and our constant interaction with over 1,000 companies across multiple industries (semiconductor, wearables, automotive, aviation, consumer, computer, telecom, medical, industrial, etc.).

Working with DfR Solutions means more than access to test chambers. The experts at DfR Solutions work with our clients every day to develop realistic worst-case use cases (‘personas’), leverage our knowledge of degradation mechanisms and industry best practices to create robust test plans, and design and build custom fixtures to make testing of their component, product, or system highly useful and relevant.

Material Testing and Qualification

The quick work your team did was key to getting customer confidence back.

The quick work your team did on uncovering the capacitor cracking was key to getting the customer confidence back. We were heading off on a different path but, with your help, we found that our plant was not sawing the quad array of PCB panels apart. This was the issue, and explained why they had the rejects. Pilot run lots were sawn before and have been since without any failures of the cap in question. Thanks again!

Vice President,
Major Industrial Electronics OEM


Why Physics Of Failure Is Preferred To MTBF For Reliability Testing

The importance of data in a Design for Reliability (DfR) practice cannot be understated. Success revolves around reliable design, which can be approached from one of two methodologies: mean time between failures (MTBF) or Physics of Failure (PoF).



How To Evaluate DfR Tools For Successful Reliability Testing

The evolving complexity of components and technologies makes ensuring reliability of electronics designs increasingly difficult and drives the need for Design for Reliability (DfR).


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