Before your company launches a product, you have to think of everything: What would happen to your company’s reputation if your product underperformed? If your product failed, could it cause physical harm?

Product reliability is essential for success, and Accelerated Life Testing makes it possible to answer these questions before your launch. This process accelerates testing by increasing stress on a device to induce and accumulate damage faster than in the field. From there, you can better understand the catalyst behind the failure. Ultimately, this can accurately simulate the extreme circumstances a device may experience in a real-world environment, and lead to improved product performance, faster time to market, and reduced warranty costs.

At ANSYS-DfR Solutions, we leverage our relationships with over 1,000 companies across multiple electronics markets to expose design weaknesses and identify solutions to those inefficiencies. Our expert reliability team determines which stresses and tests to apply, how to set appropriate test parameters, and how to interpret the results. This leads to efficient, accurate and streamlined remedies for any design flaws — and improved product performance for your company.

Test Plan Development
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DfR has been the perfect partner in our development process.

As the favorite wearable of pro athletes around the world, Whoop technology must be very robust under a wide variety of expected and unexpected conditions. DfR has been the perfect partner in our development process. From design reviews that were very insightful, and allowed us to reduce BOM cost while still being reliable, to being a turnkey partner in reliability testing (test planning, test execution, and test result interpretation), we could not have been more pleased with their performance.  We plan on continuing to utilize DfR’s one-of-a-kind services as we develop new technology to meet our customers’ needs.

Michael Costa, Vice President, Hardware Engineering

The quick work your team did was key to getting customer confidence back.

The quick work your team did on uncovering the capacitor cracking was key to getting the customer confidence back. We were heading off on a different path but, with your help, we found that our plant was not sawing the quad array of PCB panels apart. This was the issue, and explained why they had the rejects. Pilot run lots were sawn before and have been since without any failures of the cap in question. Thanks again!

Vice President,
Major Industrial Electronics OEM


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