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CTA-Training.pngThis presentation is an introduction to Root Cause Analysis and covers some of the best practices in the electronics industry from a “Physics of Failure” point of view.

Before successful Root-Cause Analysis can begin, organizations and individuals must understand the need to have basic problem solving skills, tools and knowledge of how problems occur and how they can be fixed.


  • The Presentation is available for viewing in four parts. Total Running Time: 2 hrs 18 min.
  • Part 1: Motivation for Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Introduction to RCA, and RCA Approaches – Running Time: 20 min
  • Part 2A: Management and Reporting Methods – Running Time: 38 min
  • Part 2B: RCA Approaches and Management and Reporting Methods – Running Time: 62 min
  • Part 3: Manufacturing Issues, Root Cause Failure Analysis Techniques, and Conclusions – Running Time: 18 min


30 Days of Access