Understanding Best Practices in Test Plan Development 

Thursday, January 24th at 11:00 AM EST

Presented by Greg Caswell

Preparing a viable test plan for the design process involves several steps to properly identify the requirements. This webinar will outline a methodology for developing test plans and implementing protocols that facilitate accelerated testing that meet industry-best practices and ensure efficient testing. Specifically, we’ll discuss the necessity for a BOM review to determine part limitations, the assessment of the field environmental conditions, and the impact of failure history, should it exist.

Greg will explain nuances determining acceleration factors and activation energy.  Both are important when identifying the failure mechanisms or the environments a unit has encountered.  Several formulas exist for ascertaining the acceleration factor based on the anticipated failure mechanism.  It is also critical to identify the correct activation energy for the materials being tested. Although 7eV has classically been the activation energy for integrated circuits, it is not applicable for all device types.

Last, Greg will outline essentials of  reliability metrics such as reliability requirement, life expectancy, confidence level, sample size, etc. and how they should be adjusted depending on the test plan goals.

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