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9th Annual Battery Safety Conference

date: 10/30/2018

Join us at the 9th Annual Battery Safety Conference in Arlington, October 30-31, 2018 where Dr. Vidyu Challa will be teaching a workshop on “How to Qualify Your Batteries to Prevent Failures & Thermal Events.”  To learn more and to register, please visit https://chidb.com/reg/bat/reg.asp  or contact Dr. Vidyu Challa at vchalla@dfrsolutions.com.

In this battery workshop, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of lithium-ion battery failure mechanisms and the pathway to thermal runaway events
  • Learn about the top causes of battery field failures, and the major areas where you need to have mitigation strategies
  • Learn how cell design plays a critical role in battery safety and reliability, and what you can do from a design perspective to prevent these failures
  • Learn the basic steps in a lithium-ion cell manufacturing process, and the process controls required to ensure cell safety and reliability
  • Learn about the battery management system and its role in system safety
  • Come away with a checklist of things you should do to qualify your cell manufacturer – pass down requirements, trust but verify (design, manufacturing, compliance-based testing, system-level tolerances, application-specific battery testing, battery management system, cell CT scans and teardowns and lastly user education)

Topics: DfR Solutions, Battery Failure, Battery Safety, Battery Reliability