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Physics Of Failure Seminar

Posted by DfR Solutions on Mar 15, 2019 4:18:47 PM

Location: Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport, Ellehammersvej 20, 2770 Kastrup, Denmark

During this seminar, Dr. Craig Hillman, CEO of DfR Solutions, will  discuss the implementation of Physics of Failure into the design process. He will then present an introduction to Sherlock Automated Design Analysis™ Software supplemented with a walk-through demonstration of the tool.

Dr. Hillman is an expert in the development and implementation of strategic reliability processes and operations. His specialties include best practices in Design for Reliability (DfR), strategies for transition to Pb-Free, supplier qualification, accelerated test plan development, and root-cause analysis of component, interconnect, and printed board failures.

Dr. Hillman has over 45 publications and has presented on a wide variety of quality and reliability issues to over 250 companies and organizations, including Apple, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Motorola, IBM, Cisco Systems, General Electric, Emerson Electric, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Honeywell, and General Dynamics.


Physics of Failure in the Product Design Process

Physics of Failure is a science-based approach to identify the ultimate root cause mechanisms and processes that may result in the failure of products, components and systems. Reliability Physics is an engineering product development methodology that applies the knowledge produced by PoF research early in the design process to generate failure free products and systems. This means that rather than testing how reliable your product is after a prototype has already been created, you’re able to design for reliability from conception through execution. Dr. Craig Hillman will introduce a blueprint on how to implement PoF and RPA into each stage of the product development process to accelerate time to market and ensure reliability.

  • Power Point presentation
  • Approximately 45 minutes

Introduction to Sherlock, including example equations and case studies

Attendees will see examples of practical flows of implementing the  Reliability Physics Analysis tool Sherlock in various design processes like initial part selection, part placement and preliminary design review. 

  • Power Point presentation
  • Approximately 90 minutes

Walk-through demonstration of Sherlock

Dr. Hillman will walk through the practical application of the tool through various design process steps.

  • Each participant will receive a 1 week trial license (will need to register with DfR Solutions) to use during the seminar
  • Live presentation with application engineer dialing in remotely
  • Approximately 90 to 120 minutes

Date: 4/1/19

Time: 1:00-5:30 pm

Location: Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport, Ellehammersvej 20, 2770 Kastrup

This event is a special opportunity to learn how to optimize your design process, simulation, and modeling. You can register for the event here.


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