DfR Solutions Reliability Designed and Delivered


Date: 01/26-01/31/2019

Location: San Diego, CA

Visit us at the booth 1132 at IPC Apex 2019 in San Diego, January 26-31, 2019. 

Dock Brown, Senior technical Staff at DfR Solutions, will be presenting "Reliability Physics Introduction and DfX Applications." You can view the full agenda and register here.

Topic: DfR Solutions, Sherlock Automated Design Analysis, Reliability Physics

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2019 RAMS Conference

Date: 01/28-01/31/2019

Join us at the 2019 RAMS Conference in Orlando, January 28-31, 2019.

James McLeish will be presenting on “The Reliability Physics Approach to Prognostics for Autonomous and Other Advanced Vehicular Electronics Systems” during the panel session “Vehicle Health Monitoring: Air, Sea And Land”. Learn more about how Reliability Physics Analysis (RPA) can be used to build a prognostic algorithm to predict operational service life for the advanced Integrated Circuits (ICs) and their critical items, and provide a warning when the specific usage condition of a specific module in a specific vehicle warrants a preemptive replacement of the life limited item. 

For more information or to schedule a private meeting during the conference, please contact Ed Dodd at edodd@dfrsolutions.com.

Topic: DfR Solutions, Sherlock Automated Design Analysis, Reliability Physics

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2019 Design for Reliability Conference: Reliability Physics: The future is now

Date: 03/25 - 03/28/2019


Location: baltimore, md

The 3rd Annual Design for Reliability Conference hosted by DfR Solutions includes three full days of presentations, workshops, and a panel discussion plus a day and a half of Sherlock Users Advanced Technical Training. Leaders from automotive, aerospace, communications, computers, and other Fortune 500 technology companies will join DfR Solutions to explore how integrating Reliability Physics into processes today ensures safe, reliable innovations for tomorrow.

Topic: DfR Solutions, Reliability Physics

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