A Solution to System Level Effects on Solder Joints | Bringing Physics into Manufacturability

Thursday, January 18 at 11:00 am

Presented by dr. Craig Hillman and Dr. Natalie Hernandez

In a world where electronics are being more closely integrated to all objects, such as wearables, drones, internet of things (IoT), and complex mechatronics, the interaction with the real world becomes increasingly critical to the reliability of circuit card assemblies.

Responding to this new reality, Sherlock Automated Design Analysis™ is greatly expanding its capabilities to closely integrate electronics to surrounding system infrastructure. By teaming with SOLIDWORKS, the world’s leading supplier of MCAD software, Sherlock users will now be able to seamlessly bring complex 3D objects right into Sherlock. Users will receive rapid and amazing insight into how these mechanical structures, such as such as enclosures, batteries, thermal solutions, chassis, displays, and stiffeners influence and effect the robustness of electronics exposed to thermal and mechanical loads.

This revolutionary integration allows Sherlock to continue to be a turnkey solution for organizations interested in rapidly and accurately predicting the warranty return and long-term performance of their products.

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