How Sherlock is Different

Sherlock Automated Design Analysis™ Software is the only Reliability Physics / Physics of Failure (PoF) based electronics design reliability analysis tool that streamlines new product development. Sherlock automatically translates ECAD and MCAE data into 3D finite element models, automates thermal derating and democratizes the thermal and mechanical analysis of electronics – meaning analysis is done in hours, not weeks. Plus, Sherlock reduces FEA modeling time and provides insights before prototyping, eliminating test failures and design flaws, accelerating product qualification and introductions of groundbreaking technologies. 


Instead of using statistical models to predict reliability and never gain insight into why something failed, Sherlock’s Physics of Failure based approach leverages knowledge and understanding of the processes and mechanisms that induce failure in order to improve product performance.


Accelerated Design Analytics

Unlike any other tools on the market, Sherlock uses files created by your design team to build 3D models of electronics assemblies for trace modeling, post-processing of finite element analysis and reliability predictions. This early insight translates to almost immediate identification of areas of concern and gives designers the ability to quickly adjust and retest designs.


Reduced Manufacturing Risk

Design for Manufacturability (DfM) and Design for Reliability (DfR) are not mutually exclusive. Sherlock considers both to mitigate manufacturing risk by assessing solder reliability, strain measurement, suppliers, materials selection and post-assembly handling operations.


Faster Testing

Product development requires a substantial investment of time and money – and it doesn’t guarantee passing qualification testing the first time. Sherlock reduces expensive test-and-build iterations by virtually running thermal cycling, power-temperature cycling, vibration, shock, bending, thermal derating, accelerated life, natural frequency, CAF and more so you can adjust designs in near real-time and achieve qualification in one round.

How Sherlock Works

Sherlock simplifies and improves reliability prediction by using a unique, three-phase process consisting of data input, analysis, and reporting and recommendations.


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