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Engineering design and management teams can use Sherlock to integrate design rules, best practices and Physics of Failure (PoF) methods to produce accurate:

  • 3D models of electronic assemblies for early analysis
  • Trace modeling
  • Post-processing of finite element simulations to identify critical components and predict time to failure
  • Reliability predictions not previously possible

Sherlock also accelerates traditional design for reliability activities, including:

  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
  • Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (DFMEA)
  • Thermal derating
  • PCB Modeling and Simulation:

    • Stackup: Sherlock allows for accurate selection of glass and fiber, informing the overall material properties selection
    • High Fidelity PCBs: Sherlock identifies mesh copper features within PCB substrate materials to identify potential risks
    • PCB Meshing: Sherlock identifies homogeneous mechanical properties of the uniform (whole) model and those of each layer in a layered model
    • Lead Modeling: Sherlock allows for the addition of through hole leads to select components and viewing virtually constructed PCBs in 3D

  • FEA Management:

    • Automatic ECAD data import, generation of 3D models and assignment of properties to 3D objects
    • Simultaneous application of multiple environmental influences to test within specific parameters
    • Automatic adjustment for materials, stackups and lifecycle events (thermal, shock and vibration)
    • FEA calculations analysis for reliability predictions for all parts using validated models
    • Near real-time production of custom reports (up to 100+ pages per PCB), plus data set and image export capabilities 

Sherlock automates the process, reduces required resources and provides results quicker. Design rework is accomplished within minutes, not weeks or months.



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