Sherlock introduces a unique, three-phase process into reliability prediction:

Phase 1: Data Input

Sherlock automatically identifies your files and imports your parts list, then builds a finite element analysis model of your circuit board in minutes:

  • Parses standard EDA files (schematic, layout, parts list) automatically
  • Uses embedded libraries (part, package, materials, solder, laminate)
  • Builds box-level finite element analysis models

Phase 2: Analysis

Sherlock produces a holistic analysis that is critical in the development of reliable electronics products:

  • Easy to assign and create standard structures and conditions
  • Assessment options include:
    • Thermal cycling
    • Mechanical shock
    • Natural frequency
    • Harmonic vibration
    • Random vibration
    • Bending
    • Integrated circuit/Semiconductor wearout
    • Thermal derating
    • Failure rate
    • Conductive Anodic Filament (CAF)
    • High fidelity PCB model 

Phase 3: Reporting and Insightful, Actionable Recommendations

Sherlock presents results in multiple formats, including comprehensive, professional reports suitable for internal and external distribution:

  • Tabular
  • Histogram
  • Life curve
  • Overlay

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