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To maximize Design for Manufacturability (DfM) and Design for Reliability (DfR) in order to mitigate risk, Sherlock evaluates key components, including:

  • Solder joint reliability to assure a product will function under given conditions, for a specified time, without exceeding defined failure levels
  • Plated through hole fatigue by using computerized modeling and temperature maps instead of human interfaces for accurate finite test results
  • Strain measurement during shock and vibration testing to gather data for prediction of failure probability, root causes of failure and failure events
  • Material selection to align plastics’ properties with design and functionality requirements
  • Supplier analysis for building partnerships that can consistently deliver quality products and services without interruption
  • Post-assembly handling operations assessment to identify areas for efficiencies improvement after production
  • Semiconductor wearout which allows manufacturers the ability to evaluate and predict IC failures using an approach that follows SAE ARP 6338

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