Why do Lithium Ion Batteries Fail?

Presented by Dr. Vidyu Challa

You want to be proactive about the safety of your battery-powered product, and don't want your company to be on the evening news. Is qualifying your battery manufacturer to industry standards enough? The answer is that most compliance based testing is related to abuse tolerance, but the vast majority of battery field failures are not due to abuse, but happen under normal operating conditions! Compliance based testing is necessary but not sufficient to ensure lithium ion battery safety and reliability.

DfR trainings are always excellent...

The DfR webinar yesterday on Why Li Batteries Fail was really outstanding. DfR trainings are always excellent, but this was definitely one of the best webinars I can remember. Dr. Challa did a great job of presenting a complex topic in an approachable and compelling way. I look forward to receiving the slides and to attending the next session.                      Great job. Thank you!