Industry Spotlight: Sherlock Automated Design Analysis™ Software feedback speeds time to market for auto manufacturer

Posted by Chris Montgomery on Apr 29, 2016 9:04:00 AM

Sherlock-Auto-Manufacturer.jpgStaying competitive in the automotive industry means seamlessly taking products from concept to design and production. Required testing is time-consuming, and can be detrimental to tight deadlines and budgets if failures occur and need to be addressed. Sherlock Automated Design Analysis™ Software is the ideal tool for solving the challenge of balancing quality and time, as demonstrated in this recent case study.


A leading U.S. automotive manufacturer initiated an update to their product qualification process to help accelerate development and deliver new products to market sooner. To accomplish this goal, the duration of the accelerated life test was reduced by increasing the severity and decreasing the duration of the temperature cycle. 

During an initial trial of this updated qualification test on an electronic module, several components experienced failure. A failure analysis identified the failure mode as solder joint fatigue. Contrary to the original intent, these unexpected failures resulted in significant delays as the two parties, customer and supplier, worked to determine the root-cause of these failures and their relevance to actual field environments.


To help accelerate this process, and provide quantitative findings, both parties requested that DfR Solutions perform an analysis of the module design using Sherlock, the revolutionary design analysis software from DfR Solutions. 

Sherlock uses a Physics of Failure analysis to allow design and reliability engineers to predict product failure earlier in the design process saving time, money, and improving product performance.


Sherlock’s initial evaluation of the module design correctly predicted which parts would fail, confirming the field results of the accelerated life test conducted by the manufacturer. Results from Sherlock also helped both parties understand how the test environment related to 10 years of a realistic worst-case use environment. This data, provided by Sherlock in less than one day, allowed critical, time-sensitive product development to continue as originally planned. 

The automotive manufacturer is now using Sherlock to evaluate and provide rapid feedback on additional electronic module redesigns, enabling them to deliver more reliable products to market in less time.

Only Sherlock offers the unique combination of easy-to-use software and industry-specific Physics of Failure analysis for accurate and responsive analysis for more efficient design revisions, reduced physical testing cycles and faster product introductions into the marketplace.

To learn more about Sherlock and the impact of Physics of Failure on Design for Reliability, download our Introduction to Physics of Failure Reliability Methods webinar slides by clicking the button below.

Introduction to Physics of Failure Reliability Methods

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